About Pima cotton

Peruvian cotton is a premium, higher quality cotton which dates back to about 2500 B.C.

Clothing made from Pima cotton will be softer, denser, and more durable.


Gossypium barbadense, commonly known as Pima cotton, is today cultivated in many of the

major cotton growing regions of the world. This luxury cotton, highly valued on the global

market, is still grown in Northern Perú -- the place where its origins can be found, and where

it is known as Peruvian Pima cotton. Gossypium barbadense was given the name “Pima” cotton

in honor of the Native American Pima people who first harvested the cotton in the United States.


The Incas also harvested cotton from the Gossypium barbadense genus, for use in both practical

and artistic endeavors.*


Plantations in Perú still harvest cotton by hand. This further enhances the quality of Peruvian

cotton (it leads to fewer imperfections in the yarn giving an even softer finish) and it is also a

more environmentally friendly process.


* Source: About Travel